About Us

Our Objectives

Customer Focused

A project from A to Z or just need support? With us, the customer comes first. We believe that close cooperation will lead to the best results.


We don't believe in problems, we believe in challenges. We see solutions everywhere to solve your mechatronic problems big or small.


Our flexibility allows us to quickly anticipate all your unforeseen circumstances.

Our History

NM² was founded in October 2021 by Niels Meskens.

Niels had been working in the industrial sector for some time. He started his career in 2015 at a dredging company and then, after a short year, ended up at a machine builder. At these companies, he was able to further develop the interest that he had been given by his father in engineering from a young age.

However, this was not enough for him, in addition to the unique projects he had the opportunity to carry out this period, he felt more and more the urge of entrepreneurship and to be able to leave his own unique mark in this sector.


We offer the following brands :

• Rockwell
• Siemens
• Beckhoff

In addition to programming PLCs, our approach focuses on the aspect of control automation, which means that servo controllers, linmot, magnemotion as well as robotics cannot be left out.

We believe that every customer challenge has a potential solution.

Electrical Design
The elaboration of the electrical diagrams can be made in-house with SEE electrical, but it's also possible to realize these in Eplan if desired.

Whether it's total projects or reconstruction of a panel, we have the necessary knowledge and materials to deliver them correctly and successfully.